Licensed Home Inspector Rick Tae

Rick Tae

Licensed Home Inspector

Rick Tae is the owner and inspector of Tamarack Home Inspections Inc. Rick has been involved in the construction trade for over 25 years, gaining a level of familiarity with home design that is only attainable through repeated trials of hands-on work—and all the problem-solving that goes with it. As a professional home inspector, Rick loves to help his clients work out solutions for issues that are identified in a home’s construction so that they can make a good decision about a pending real estate transaction.

Rick’s licenses and certifications include:

  • Licensed Home Inspector
  • Certified WETT Basic Inspector
  • Certificate of Qualification: Carpenter – Red Seal
  • Electronics Engineering Technician
  • Consumer Protection BC license # 56090
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Home Inspector


In 1991, Rick became a Red Seal licensed carpenter, laying the foundation for a 25-year career in home design, renovation, and construction. Rick also worked as a municipal building inspector and plumbing inspector for 6 years in Ontario, going through a rigorous education and training program in order to earn and maintain the position. When he made the decision to become a home inspector, Rick knew it was the right move—because his years of knowledge development and skill-building in the industry had prepared him for delivering the exceptional quality of service he’s now able to provide to homebuyers in and around North Vancouver Island.

Thoroughly Inspecting Homes, Working Directly With Clients

  • Many clients prefer to be present for a home inspection, and we encourage it—we want you to be there with us at the end of the inspection so that you can openly communicate your concerns while learning about the home in person
  • You’re bound to have some questions after an inspection is over, and we’ll be glad to answer them—please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call whenever you’re stuck on any piece of information pertaining to the home’s condition
  • Thermal Imaging is included with a home inspection at no extra cost to account for hidden issues in a home’s construction that require more than a standard visual assessment to diagnose—we always go above and beyond to help protect your interests!

When he’s not inspecting homes, Rick loves to go motorcycling anywhere and everywhere he can in North America. Rick also likes staying involved in outdoor activities such as snowshoeing, long distance cycling, kayaking, and sailing. On an average day, Rick enjoys relaxing and playing with his Border Collie.

Licensed Home Inspector Rick Tae

Weekend and evening appointments are available

At Tamarack Home Inspections Inc., we inspect homes with the aim of protecting our clients by elevating their knowledge of a property’s condition and by helping them learn to maintain the home properly. Contact us today to request an inspection.

A Wood Stove WETT inspection is available at a discount with your home inspection, and your first Re-Inspection is provided for free.

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Consumer Protection BC license # 56090

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